3D Print- Orientation

As part of our Student of the Month program, students received a coupon to print whatever they would like on the 3D printer.  One student who earned it requested to have the following item printed.  It appears to be a gigantic rectangular prism, with either columns or a doorway near the bottom.  When he originally designed it in Tinkercad, it was designed to be standing up on the small end so that is the way it was printed.  However, the columns did not come out well so we tried reprinting the entire piece lying down instead.  The differences with the print are quite interesting.



The main difference is the texture on the two faces.  The building on the left is quite smooth because the entire face was printed in one single layer.  The one on the right was comprised of all the layers and layers of filament which makes the front have lots of ridges.  The printer also did not do well with the columns on the print on the right because there was nothing underneath to support them.


The two prints arranged as they were printed.