LEC Digital Educator

Welcome to the hub of my Leading Edge Digital Educator portfolio!  I have always considered myself to be a digital educator but going through the process of earning my LEC Digital Educator certification has expanded my knowledge of 21st century practices and has opened up a variety of resources that I can build off of in the future.  The creation of this entire website was inspired by my activities in the Leading Edge program which stressed the importance of connecting with other educators and expanding my classroom beyond its physical walls.  My teaching practices and classroom structure continue to evolve and this website allows me to document my growth while providing an opportunity to reflect on my failures and successes.  I hope that the lesson plans and musings here are a beneficial resource for other educators who are interested in exploring STEM and student-centered digital learning.

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Below are the links to all my LEC Digital Educator coursework for my final portfolio.  All lesson plans related to this portfolio have a gold LEC Digital Educator icon at the top of the post.  A collection of all LEC links have been collected in this site in the LEC Digital Educator category.



The initial exploration and self reflection on using digital tools in instruction

Introduction Post



Becoming a digital educator by combining best teaching practices, digital tools, and rich content

Pedagogy Post

Weather Engineering Lesson


Digital Literacy and Citizenship

Creating and modeling a climate of appropriate and responsible technology usage

Digital Literacy Post

Keyboard Shortcut Announcements Lesson


Data Literacy

Comparing and analyzing various methods of collecting data and applying the results to direct teaching practices

Data Literacy Post

Climate Change Lesson


Curation and Creation

Transforming a classroom from the teachers as the sage to one where students use the digital tools available to curate information and apply their learning in the creation of a performance task

Diigo Curated Resources

Curation and Creation Post

Minute Space Lesson


Communication and Collaboration

Utilizing the communication methods we already use in order to expand our conversations to the online community and to improve collaboration for ourselves and our students

Communication and Collaboration Post

Space Engineering Lesson


Learning Environments

Exploring the diverse possible structures for a 21st century classroom and weighing the benefits and challenges of adopting a student-centered classroom

Learning Environments Post


Closure Reflection

Reflecting upon how the curriculum above has inspired individual growth and identified areas for ongoing improvement

Closure Reflection Post