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My name is Bonnie Knecht and I am a teacher at Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School in the Pleasant Valley School District.  I am currently teaching 6th grade science and run our STEM Lab by leaning classes for the elementary students.  I have previously taught robotics (with Lego Mindstorms), coding (with Scratch, Khan Academy, and CodeHS), drama, yearbook, and 6th grade math.

I am a 21st century educator.  I am passionate about helping others make the best use of the technology that is available, while also looking forward to what will be possible in the future.  I enjoy taking on new challenges and see every obstacle as a learning opportunity.   As a teacher I thrive on encouraging curiosity and supporting students as they reach beyond their preconceived expectations.  I hope to continue being immersed in meaningful and enriching activities while being able to both grow and share my knowledge with an ever expanding community.


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